How does it work?

Software designed to record the arrival and departure of employees...
Simple time management for your company...
The local network mode allows you to have several clocking on/off points in the company.
In statistics, you can send reports by email (to your accountant, for example).
When you download the software, you have a 2-month trial period.


You can create as many employees as you wish.
You can set up the software either with or without a password for clocking on/off.
Create meal times, activate breaks, absences, sick leave, RTT days, etc.
Set up in Local network mode...


The Software records data on the machine’s hard disk, a backup is performed every day and kept for one week.
You can also backup on a USB key or on our servers! The Software does not require a permanent internet connection to function.
Multilingual : Francais, Deutsch, Portugues, Español, Italiano, English, Turc, העברים, عرب

Operating System

The software is optimised to work on Windows computers or tablets in Tactile mode.
Warning: only on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Empreinte digitaleFingerprint Reader

The software is optimized to work with the brand's USB fingerprint readers ZKTECO, it allows to have the assurance of the identification of the user.


Main Features of the software
  • Unlimited number of employees/users.
  • Organisation of employees/users by department.
  • Management of company executives.
  • Management of exceeding the end of work time (overtime, forcing the end of work, sending emails to the manager, etc.)
  • Identification by fingerprint reader.
  • Remote Timeclock of employees on mobile or internet.
  • Recording of Working and Break time.
  • Addition of meal times (configurable).
  • Addition of extra time: annual leave, absences, sick leave, RTT days, rest days.
  • Possibility of adding a comment when clocking on/off.
  • Generation of reports per period, week and month.
  • Automatic sending of Reports by email with PDF and CSV (Manager and Users).
  • Remote access to data through a web interface.
  • Possibility of blocking clocking on/off before a set time per user or for all users.
  • Multi-lingual software with colour Theme.
  • Local network mode.
  • Synchronisation with Google Calendar.
  • Visualisation of the work schedule.
  • Clocking on/off with the barcode reader and generation of Time Card with barcode
  • Automatic backup of data on our servers.
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Remote Timeclock !

Remote timeclock is available
You can authorize one or more users of your company to identify themselves remotely, ideal for teleworking or sales management.

The data is then transferred to your company's software via the internet.

Available on Android

The Remote Timeclock App is now available on the Google Play Store.

Play Store
JYL TimeClock Web
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They trust us


2 Months Free

  • Unlimited users
  • Report generation
  • Sending of report emails
  • Standby screen
  • Local network mode
  • Update and new features
  • CSV sending
  • Maintenance by email


  • Commitment-Free
  • Unlimited users
  • Report generation
  • Sending of report emails
  • CSV sending
  • Maintenance by email
  • Standby screen
  • Local network mode
  • Update and new features


  • Commitment-Free
  • Unlimited users
  • Report generation
  • Sending of report emails
  • CSV sending
  • Maintenance by email
  • Standby screen
  • Local network mode
  • Update and new features


  • Unlimited users
  • Report generation
  • Sending of report emails
  • CSV sending
  • Standby screen
  • Local network mode
  • Maintenance by email (3 years)
  • Update and new features
* The prices of our products are given in Euros including all taxes

Are you a reseller or distributor?

You want to resell our software, contact us!
We have several possible commercial distribution offers.


Can I print out Reports directly?
No, but the software generates a PDF file that you can then print out.
Can I add photos of Users?
Yes, a bank of male and female images is available in the software.
But you can also take photos, either with the computer’s webcam or by importing photos to the software.
Does the software work on Android or Apple?
No, the software only works on Windows 10 and 11. But a remote input version is available on Android or Internet.
Which material to choose?
We recommend tablets such as: Surface Go (Microsoft) or a traditional PC with a touch screen.
Can I centralise the Data for several sites?
Yes, the 'JYL TimeClock Manager' software allows the centralization of several sites, it is free for our customers.
Can I have several entry points within the company?
Yes, with local network mode you will just need a shared directory on your internal network.
Can I cancel my subscription whenever I want?
Yes, use of the software is commitment-free.
But the subscription is not divisible.
If you have paid for 1 year, we cannot cancel the subscription before the end of the period and refund the difference.
How do I purchase a subscription?
Download the software, then go to “Info” to pay directly from the application.
Can I install my licence on several computers?
No, as with Windows, one licence is required per computer.
We can offer you a discount based on the number of posts. Please contact us.
Can I clock on/off with a Barcode Reader?
Yes, the software can use a barcode reader for clocking on/off. You can also generate time cards.
Can I automatically send clocking on/off reports by email?
Yes, you can schedule the sending of reports weekly or monthly.
Centralize remote site data on a single interface.

You have the visualization of all the data and the states of the employees (Work, Rest, Absence ...) and the generation of poitage reports by site, users ...

  • Centralization of Data.
  • Generation of Reports.
  • Viewing Employees (Work, Break, Absencen ect.).
  • Verification of versions installed, license.
  • Free for Customers with a license.
Download the full version
Client Software
Client software on each user workstation

Install the software on the workstations of the users of your local network.
The software will start when the workstations are started so that the users indicate their arrival or departure on pause.

  • You must have a JYL TimeClock license to use this software (Server).
  • Automatic start of the software when opening windows.
  • Centralization on JYL-Timeclock (Server) in local network.
  • Prices: €1/Month/User or €10/Year/User or €290/User.
Download the demo version